More and more businesses and entities are progressively using blockchain technology to reach individuals and create social connections online. Our intricate United Bears Society virtual world is an online simulation of reality where our members can participate in numerous activities and interact with each other using virtual personalised avatars, whilst doing business at the same time.

We use the latest technological engines, digital assets, blockchain protocols and the highest level of new technologies in realizing the space between the real world and the virtual one. Unlike most other projects in this universe, we leverage the benefits of the virtual world by fulfilling the needs of real-life companies. We believe in reciprocated benefits, for members and partners. We have you covered!

At the heart of our society is a collection of 9900 unique digital living on the Polygon blockchain. These offer the gateway to our society. This exclusive club of distinguished characters, consists of 6 base characters with a total of more than 400 individual features, making each bear unique and highly desirable.

In our digital asset collection, each character symbolizes one of the 6 continents, with traits that relate to specific customs and traditions, hobbies and heritage, belonging to each continent, randomly mixed to ascertain fair distribution of our artwork towards our future members.

Owning a digital asset is the first step into assuring a place into our community. Our virtual world is built exclusively for our members and partnering high-end enterprises!


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