The community is the backbone of our project, the heart of our strong ecosystem. The dream we all have, that likeminded people from all around the world are brought together and share the same values we cherish: Unity, Love, Harmony, and freedom!


By owning at least one of the 9.900 digital assets, which also serve as official memberships, you can ascend the rank of our various membership levels and enjoy exclusive rewards. Privileges will be distributed to the community in accordance with the membership level one has reached, but is also based on the engagement one shows. These privileges vary from passive income to society merchandise, entry to exclusive all paid events around the world, and much more!




1 digital asset

You will almost certainly benefit from the success of our project in financial terms and have access to our community with possibility to climb the ladder of our membership system.



2 digital assets

This level will grant you opportunities to get invitations to our exclusive community events, earn passive income and benefit from community giveaways.


1 digital asset from each base character

Having at least one digital asset from each of our base characters grants you exclusive access to this level. You will have superior possibilities to be invited to our legendary all-inclusive events, as well as receiving more passive revenue and giveaways, while being allowed to enter exclusive areas in our virtual resort.


1 exclusive digital asset

You are either very lucky to have been dealt one of our rarest digital assets, or you are committed to our society in acquiring a rare example post launch. Either way, you are at a top tier in our community, fasten your seatbelts for the journey you are about to experience!



It is our honor to have you involved, you are the image of our society, an ambassador for the way we envision living and an example to follow for the way conduct yourself in your field of work, THANK YOU! At this juncture of your membership, you have limitless access to all our events. The sky is definitely not the threshold for you!


(Invitation Only)

You are the object of our success; you helped us build the project and stood by us from the inauguration. Our gratitude is countless, you truly deserve to be a member of the highest level in our society. It goes without saying, all doors are wide open for you, nuestra casa es su casa! Thank YOU!



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