A community of 9900 strong & distinguished characters is about to show the world that UNITED WE ARE STRONGER!

This metaverse life story begins with the minting and adoption of 9900 unique characters, each one carefully designed by our leading artist, with more than 400 unique traits and features, distinctive mere by their rarity.

As the story unfolds, our social bears come to life, they make friends, and the creation of the United Bear Society is a fact. An exclusive club of creative people, ranging from artists to musicians, from actors to entrepreneurs, our society is the place where metaverse meets real life, where art meets music and film.

On the journey we are about to make, already planned exclusive events, community meetups, interaction and engagement, are set to distinguish our society from any other out there. Moreover, our animation movie set to premiere in March 2023, is bound to set new standards in the Metaverse, with trendsetting ideas and possibilities that are soon to be revealed!

Celebrating life to the fullest, bears from all over the world are now united and our exclusive Meet the Bears event in Amsterdam fulfills the values we all share: Unity, Love, Harmony, and FREEDOM!


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